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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Garrison Church Homefield Road Colchester

The Place

The Garrison Church building is located in Homefield Road, CO2 9ND. It is next door to the Community Centre and Costcutters Shop. It was opened in 2007 and inside is an attractive, peaceful and comfortable space for Christian worship.

The People

Everybody is welcome to come to the Garrison Church. It is an open and inclusive group of ordinary people. Some members of the congregation are serving members of the army, others are family       members or friends and there are some civilians who may have served in the past or who live locally. Children of all ages are very welcome.

The Purpose

The central purpose of the Garrison Church is to worship God. The main time this happens is at the Sunday Service which takes place at 1030hrs. This lasts for about an hour and is usually followed by some light refreshments. The Garrison Church can also be a place to develop friendships, ask questions, and explore faith in a personal way. Although none of these things are compulsory! Baptisms, weddings and funerals can be arranged through speaking to a Chaplain. Roman Catholic Mass is not routinely celebrated in the Garrison Church. Details of where this takes place can be obtained by speaking to the Brigade Roman Catholic Chaplain on 07770 824381.

The Padres

There is a team of army chaplains based in Colchester. They are attached to different units and are always available to offer spiritual, pastoral and moral support. The Senior Chaplain can be contacted on 07795 391107. He can provide additional information about the church or chaplaincy.

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