Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Colchester Advice Network - CAN

The Colchester Advice Network (C.A.N.) is an email advice service offering free, confidential and impartial advice for everyone in the Borough of Colchester.

Get advice

Start here by completing the advice form and we can help you plan what you need to do next.
If you need immediate help (e.g. if you have a court hearing or are facing eviction) please contact one of our partner agenciesimmediately.

Who we are

Colchester Advice Network is a partnership of nine agencies who are working together to provide advice via email for the residents of the Borough of Colchester. Anyone, anywhere CAN ask us for information but the help and support we offer is limited by our remit to the Borough of Colchester.
Providing email advice ensures that you can get advice even if you do not know where to go to or are unable to visit an agency in person.
The population of the Borough of Colchester is increasing and the rules and regulations around housing, benefits and debt have changed too. This online service streamlines access to local support services.

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